Research Methods in Information System Essay

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Final Exam Comp*695 - Research Methods in Information Systems Haseeb Minhas - #3017542 July 29th, 2012 1. Gantt and Pert Charts a. Explain the relevance of Gantt chart in project management. Justify why Gantt chart is still relevant or not relevant in today’s environment. Justify your answer with proper examples. Delivering a project on time can be a challenge and main cause of issues. Scheduling is the least flexible variable and must be standardized to provide clear information on the duration, start and end time of each activity. Gantt Chart accomplish this by providing a format for scheduling information on each activity, with their corresponding start and end dates. Each activity duration is shown in the form of horizontal bars that coincides with the work breakdown structure. Special forms of Gantt charts are also used to compare planned schedule with the actual timeline. Two horizontal bars for each task are drawn, the top being the plan duration for each activity, the other being the actual duration. If a milestone is missed it is recorded by a white diamond, which shows the actual activity was completed later than originally planned. Figure [ 1 ]: Tracking Gantt Chart Gantt Charts are still the most widely used method for tracking a project schedule due to the following factors: 1) Gantt Charts can represent multiple activities and their respective timelines in a single formatted document. This allows for greater clarity in understanding all the components and their dependencies toward project completion. Activity progress and overall project progress can also be easily viewed. 2) The ability to set each activity sequentially and reduce any overlap among team member effort allows project managers to breakdown the project into manageable set of tasks. 3) Gantt Charts provide a clear representation of project delays ahead of time

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