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Synthesis Paper Jennifer Donovan Liberty University PSYC 255-D12 May 5, 2014 While studying research methods, I have found that there were many different types of research than I originally thought. Each method caters to a different type of study and different individuals or groups. Once a researcher has a plan of what type of information they are after they then need to decide which method of research to use that will best serve in obtaining the specific information. It can be a daunting process depending on which method is chosen but if you understand the different types of research methods it is easier to decipher which would be the most useful. The first thing a researcher has to learn before getting into the different types of research methods or even conducting research is The Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2014). I learned that there are many things a researcher need to follow when conducting any type of research as to be ethical and non-harmful to participants. In my opinion the most important was to not deceive those who are participating in any of your research. There are certain types of research that call for a non-harmful form of deception to get correct results but in general to be able to achieve a successful outcome you need participants to act naturally and not deceive them on the events to take place in the study or the different after effects they may experience. Case studies seem to be the most often used form of research method. They can be used to observe individuals or groups of individuals. Case studies are best utilized in a natural setting where the participants are observed without any influence from the researcher and no changes to their natural environment. I have learned that when doing a case study it is sometimes also relevant to

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