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This research report discusses the evaluation of the testing program taking place in five Vietnamese universities located in five different socioeconomic status areas. First, the three research questions to guide the evaluation are discussed. Secondly, some ethical issues in this testing program are discussed as a way of making it better for an educational research. This paper also figures out certain variables in the program which are categorized into three groups of factors. Some comments on the sampling process followed by those on validity and reliability of the testing program will bring the report to an end. The principals from the five universities in Vietnam share the common concern about their students’ ability in English command especially in writing English. Consequently, playing the role of an educational researcher, I should put their critical concern into picture when carrying out the evaluation process in these five universities. The research questions I have developed so that the evaluation should be appropriately guided in this testing program are as followed. 1. How can individual student’s overall competence in English be assessed through this test? 2. How can teachers in these five universities improve their students’ English command thoroughly? 3. How can teachers in these five universities improve their own teaching methodology after this test? Even though the main target of this testing program is to check students’ capability for writing English, it is not sufficient, from my own perspective, for students to survive in real life after graduating from university. In general, the competence in one particular language consists of the knowledge about the language itself together with understanding the cultural and social factors happening within the target language-spoken countries. English language is not an exception as well.

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