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Assignment after class 6 Research design and research strategies: overview and distinctive features 2. Problem of safety on construction sites For the safety on construction sites: The degree to which the research question has been crystallized: Exploratory study. It is just a study to gain insights on the topic. The method of data-collection: Monitoring or interrogation/communication, It really depends on how they want to approach the situation. I think the method of interrogation and communication is the best, as the workers on the site probably know best where the dangers are to the safety on the construction site. The power of the researcher to influence the variables under study: Experimental, the researcher shouldn’t influence the variables since then the conclusions taken from the research will be false or biased. The purpose of the study: causal. We want to learn the causes of working accidents so the chances that these situations occur can be reduced to a minimum. The time dimension: ? The topical scope – breadth and depth – of the study: this really depends on whether we want to collect information over multiple construction sites, or just one construction site. If we want to learn general ideas about all construction sites in a certain region or from a certain company it would be best to use a census or sample type approach. If we want to gain information about a particular site, a case study seems the most efficient and cost effective way to approach the situation. The research environment: Field setting. It is impossible to study this in a laboratory or in a simulation. The variables that are most likely decisive for the possible outcomes (# accidents) will be too biased in a controlled environment, therefore it is important to use a field setting for the study. The participant’s perceptions of research activity: I think the best way to
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