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Research Methodology Essay

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, Chapter 3:

Research Methodology This chapter comprises the following sub-sections:

3.1.Design: This relates to the general approach adopted in executing the study. What is required here is for the researcher to specify the type of the design followed in the study. Precisely, the design of the study refers to the plan, structure, and strategy the investigator wants to adopt in order to obtain answers to research questions and probably test hypotheses formulated for the study. It also includes the outline of the investigator's plan in relation to the analysis of data. Under the design of the study, the investigator should simply state the type of research design into which his study falls. For example, his study may be one or a combination of the following types of educational research. Survey, Experimental, Quasi experimental, Ex post facto, Descriptive, Observational, Historical, Correlation, Evaluative, etc.
Many educational researchers use survey studies which typically employ questionnaires and interviews to determine the opinions, preferences, attitudes and perceptions of people about issues. It is very difficult to conduct a pure experimental study with human beings because they are difficult to manipulate. However, an investigator can exercise some measure of control of extraneous variables in a study involving human beings. In this case it is called "quasi experimental study".
It is important after an investigator states the type of design he has adopted, to explain briefly why the particular design is adopted. For example supposes an investigator wants to ascertain factors that influence
implementation of the Universal Basic Education programme in Nigeria, he will employ a survey research design. His reason would be that the study would elicit opinion of respondents on factors that influence the programme. In describing the research design and justifying its use, the investigator needs between 2 to 5 lines. In other words, he should be very...

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