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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PREPARED BY NAME: NISHTHA PARIHAR STUDENT ID: 0033DODO0612 LECTURER: Dr. Kui Juan Tiang MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY 17th DECEMBER, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Chapter1: Introduction 3-5 * History 4 * Mission 5 * Vision 5 2. Chapter2: Analysis 6-17 * SWOT Analysis 6-11 * Internal Analysis 6 * Strengths 7 * Weakness 7 * External Analysis 7 * Opportunities 10 * Threats 10 * Porter’s 5 Forces 11-12 * Value Chain Analysis 13-14 * Strategic Growth Options 15-16 3. Recommendations 17-18 4. Implementation and Control 19-20 References 21-22 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION American Telecommunication and Telegraph Incorporation also known as AT&T Inc. is America’s largest multinational telecommunication company with its headquarter in Whitacre Tower, downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the largest provider of both mobile telephones as well as landline telephones in United States. In 2010, AT&T was the seventh largest company in US based on total revenue. From almost a century AT&T has been providing inventive, reliable, high quality products and excellent customer care services. AT&T aims to connect people with the world by creating new solutions for its consumers and businesses by driving innovation to the communication and entertainment industry. The regulatory actions taken by the Government and actions by AT&T helped the firm in gaining the monopoly status. It became the 14th largest company in the world based on its face value and 20th largest in the telecommunication sector. (Goldfarb, 2007) Source: (Goldfarb, 2007) AT&T is known as the leader of IP based communication services to

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