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Research Methodologies Paper July 16, 2012 MKT/450 Ted Framan Research Methodologies Given the nature and ever-growing complexity of today’s global market place, it is imperative that organizations are equipped with appropriate and effective market research in order to make the right marketing decisions. The importance of marketing research is immeasurable; it helps marketing managers make better judgments that take into account cross country differences and similarities. In addition, marketing research helps marketing managers gain support from the local subsidiaries for proposed marketing decisions (Keegan & Green, pp. 196-221, 2008). American company XYZ, Inc. has decided to market their top product, all-natural skin rejuvenation cream, in India. This paper will address the various international marketing research methodologies and resources available for company XYZ, Inc. to use in creating its marketing campaign in India. Research Objective Ensuring that a clear and concise research purpose is established is a critical part of the market research process. The research purpose begets decision-making, with the research objective serving as the roadmap for the actual footwork of the research. For company XYZ, Inc., the marketing manager was apart of an anthology of international surveys that were conducted around women over the age of 35’s use of beauty products. Based on the results, it was determined that there is, indeed, great potential for the company’s top product to be successful in India; that is, if woman in India are willing to buy XYZ, Inc.’s product opposed to using traditional facial cleansing methods. The marketing manager decided that the research objective was to determine whether or not there were any foreseen cultural roadblocks that would prevent the success of a skin rejuvenation cream in India.

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