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Irwin and Dakin share an unconventional student and teacher relationship in the play which forms a subtle sub-text to Bennett’s deeper exploration of the two’ teachers’ relationships with the boys. Dakin’s natural confidence in his attractiveness and intellect is shaken by Irwin’s first dismissals of the boy’s chances of academic success, yet Dakin’s desire to be admired results in a need to entice Irwin’s affections. My recreation is set just before Hector’s death and is an attempt to further explore their relationship. Dakin has a clear infatuation with Irwin. He feels a need to impress Irwin and is embrassed when, discussing Nietszche with Scripps, he realises his mistake of pronouncing it incorrectly. His anguished response, ‘He didn’t correct me......He’ll think I’m a right fool. Shit’ establishes with the audience his craving for Irwin’s regard. Dakin’s interest in Irwin is something he himself doesn’t understand. He has the audacity to ask Irwin if there was any chance of ‘your sucking me off’ and despite the bravado, Bennett presents Dakin’s vulnerability as this emotion is one he doesn’t fully understand. Dakin recovers quickly and laughs of his suggestion, but the audience is aware of the sexual attraction as well as Dakin’s power games. I decide to continue this theme with my re-creative piece by making Dakin brashly ask Irwin if he has ‘ever been attracted to a bloke, Sir?’ This reflects deliberate tension Irwin creates by using the word ‘foreskins’ on the first day he teaches the boys. Irwin wants to shock and provoke the boys but misconstrued his intentions In my recreation Irwin attempts to discuss Dakin’s advances, acknowledging the inappropriacy of any relationship, ‘having a drink with a student is not a part of my job’. Irwin seems to have the upper hand, finishing Dakin’s sentences; Dakin ‘It will be…’, Irwin Fun? This reinforces Bennetts
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