Research For Small Cell Lung Cancer Essay

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Small Cell Cancer of the Lungs I am going to do my final research paper on Small Cell Cancer of the Lungs. I have chosen this topic because 8 years ago this December my father was diagnosed with and passed away. He passed away 3 weeks after he was diagnosed. It was a very tragic time for my mom and my entire family to have him fine one day and the next 3 weeks is fighting for his life. Although, researchers say that no one ever passes away from cancer it is the complications that the body goes thru with cancer taking over. It could be a combination of things, pneumonia, infection or blood pressure that causes the body to start shutting down. For my father, his body started to fill up with fluid, starting in his lower extremities and moving up the body. So the doctor explained to us that basically he was drowning in his own body because his lungs were filling up with fluid. I am going to do a lot of my research, from the “The National Cancer Institute” website. Also going to look up some doctor responses to see what their comments are on this horrific disease. You would think that all the money we put into cancer research that they would have a cure for this disease by now. Small cell lung cancer accounts for 48% of the 163,000 deaths from lung cancer. Untreated small cell lung cancer is very aggressive, with a survival rate of 2-4 months after diagnosis (Physicians Data Query, 2005). It is a disease where malignant cells form in the tissue of the lung. The lungs are con-shaped organs that are found in our chest. They bring oxygen in to our bodies while breathing in and take out carbon dioxide when exhaling. Each lung has sections called lobes. Our left lung has 2 lobes and the right lung is larger and contains 3 lobes. There is a membrane that surrounds the lung called pleura. There are also 2 tubes called bronchi that lead from the

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