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Friedrich Nietzsche Famous Thoughts He uses an aphoristic style which is uncommon for most of the philosophers. Uses them to brings out the truths that he is trying to exemplify Such as “I mistrust all systematizes and I avoid them.” “The will to a system is a lack of integrity.” Studied classics and became an atheist. He was brought up in a traditional household. He was critical of Christianity. He was noted for making the statement that “God is dead.” Nietzsche like his classical contemporaries criticizes earlier philosophers. Very little to say that is good about any previous philosophers except for pre-Socrates thinkers. Famous Actions Nietzsche books that he published such as The Gay Science, Beyond Good and Evil and the Antichrist exemplified his critiques on culture, religion and philosophy as they pertain to society at his time. Evidence of multiple labels associated with the person He is often associated with being a materialist He is critical of Christianity in general and also with Dualism. He agrees with Aristotle the knowledge is based on abstraction of particulars and is critical of Christianity in particular. There is only a material world and the things the we see do not really exist. He denies that there is a God and that it is a result of dreams and vivid imaginations. He is often associated with being a nihilist, which is the belief of no moral values. He felt that Christianity was gradually disappearing because of the sway of science and the rise of capitalism. His reason on how Christianity was created and who had converted. The people who had converted to Christianity were for the most part the early outcasts and lowest elements of society because their situation created a value system and an image of God that suited their needs. „ He believe that Nature or Reality was the opposite of God „ He

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