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What are the ethical standards that developmental researchers must follow? Juliana Derin Phoenix University EDD557:Theories of Growing and Learning Ms. Beall 10 June 2014 Research ethics are the guidelines researchers follow to protect the rights of animals and humans who participate in studies. Ethical standards are critically important when conducting research with young children and other vulnerable populations. Research procedures must never harm children, physically or psychologically. Children and their families have the right to full information about the research in which they may participate, including possible risks and benefits. Their decision to participate must be based on what is called "informed consent." The potential participant must be informed as fully as possible of the nature and purpose of the research, the procedures to be used, and the expected benefits to the participant and/or society, the potential of reasonably foreseeable risks, stresses, and discomforts, and alternatives to participating in the research. There should also be a statement that describes procedures in place to ensure the confidentiality or anonymity of the participant. The document should make it clear whom to contact with questions about the research study, research subjects' rights, and in case of injury. The participant must understand what has been explained and must be given the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by one of the investigators. The informed consent document must be written in lay language, avoiding any technical jargon. Children’s questions about the research should be answered in ways children can understand. Children and their families have the right to refuse to participate in research or to withdraw from participating at any time. Information obtained through research with children should remain confidential. Researchers

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