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Sociology Research Ethics The Adlers type of sampling is known as snowball or convenience sampling. This is a method where you are limited to a very small specific type of people. It is like a referral, you start observing a subject and you ask them for assistance by referring others that they know that have similar traits to you to do research them. Adler’s initial subject is Dave, their neighbor who is also a drug dealer, which he then introduced them to other members of his group, which consist of other drug dealers and smugglers. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to just research individual that are in the same “business” that you would not be able to approach normally. An example of this is reference to another individual in their research named Ben, who was a smuggler, someone they would not be able to meet without the snowball sampling. A disadvantage of this type of sampling is that the researcher is not a guarantee that the individual will participate in their research. An example of this is when they approached a dealer’s girlfriend, who at first agreed to the interview but at the actual time of the interview found why the Adlers wanted to interview her, she terminated the interview and avoided all contact with the Adlers after that. The Adlers incorporated other previous literature into their research paper to justify and explain their tactics of how they received their information for their study. One example of this is when they explain what they were doing is “We continue to build friendly relations by doing, quite naturally what Becker (1963), Polsky (1969) and Douglas (1972) had advocated for the early stages of field research” (Newman 2008). This allowed others to know that they were following protocol from other researchers on how to infiltrate the group they choose to research. This also showed that they were following the

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