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The research ethics has always been a controversial topic in academic fields. Some people attach great importance to the code of professional norm and are proud of being pure academic researchesr.On the other hand, some people take the view that some other considerations should come before research ethics. This essay will discuss that research ethics is less important in terms of the duty to country and responsibility to the future research fieldwork. As science workers, researchers should obey the ethics for the conduct of research strictly and put it into the first place. To be more specific, researchers undertake the responsibility to the participants such as honesty, objectivity, confidentiality, respect for privacy and non-discrimination among those. There are several reasons why ethic norms in research are necessary.First; norms promote the aim of the research, which is truth, knowledge and against the mispresentation of the data. Also ethnic standards could also help to build trust between participants and conductors.Thus, informants tend to be supportive if they trust integrity and the authority of research.However, this is not always true in all of the circumstance. As mentioned before, resaearchers take the responsibility, which is not only to the informants, but also to the country and the future research. Duty to the country overrides the morality, especially in some special time such as war time. Researchers cannot get rid of the national attribute ,as ordinary individuals cannot .Therefore, the duty to country and the loyalty for a scientist is no different than that of other people, which makes it easy to understand that during the World WarⅡ,numerous anthropologists engage in the spying for their countries respectively. Despite that the involvement of researchers could spell doom to the people in other countries, researchers succeed in

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