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Unit-05-Research Design Structure: 5.1 Meaning Objectives 5.2 Needs of Research Design 5.2.1 Characteristics of a Good Research Design 5.3 Components of Research Design 5.3.1 Experimental and Non-experimental Hypothesis Testing Research 5.4 Different Research Designs 5.5 Research Design for Studies in Commerce and Management 5.5.1 Research Design in Case of Exploratory Research Studies 5.5.2 Research Design in case of Descriptive and Diagnostic Research Studies 5.5.3 Research Design in case of Hypothesis testing Research Studies 5.5.4 Principles of Experimental Designs 5.5.5 Important Experimental Designs 5.5.6 Formal Experimental Designs Self Assessment Questions 5.6 Summary 5.7 Terminal Questions 5.8 Answers to SAQs and TQs 5.1 Meaning of Research Design The research designer understandably cannot hold all his decisions in his head. Even if he could, he would have difficulty in understanding how these are inter-related. Therefore, he records his decisions on paper or record disc by using relevant symbols or concepts. Such a symbolic construction may be called the research design or model. A research design is a logical and systematic plan prepared for directing a research study. It specifies the objectives of the study, the methodology and techniques to be adopted for achieving the objectives. It constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. It is the plan, structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions. The plan is the overall scheme or program of research. A research design is the program that guides the investigator in the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting observations. It provides a systematic plan of procedure for the researcher to follow elltiz, Jahoda and Destsch and Cook describe, “A research design is the arrangement of conditions for

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