Research Critique

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Research Critique
Lani Pioh

Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Nursing Research
Cherryl Llanos
April 7, 2013

Research Critique of “Patient dignity in an acute hospital setting: A case study”

This paper is to critique a case study of patient dignity in an acute hospital setting. The introduction of the study does give a sense of the importance of the problem area. This eight year old study investigates on what threatens patient’s dignity and how patient’s dignity can be improved in the hospital care settings. Moreover, the findings will provide the ideas into the meaning of patient’s dignity.
Problem Statement
“Dignity is complex and multi-faceted, relating to feelings, control, and presentation of self, privacy, and behavior from other.” (Baillie, 2008). In addition, “Patient factors, the environment and staff behavior can threaten or promote patient’s dignity but their impact in an acute hospital setting has been little studied” (Baillie, 2008). Moreover, the author adds in her study, “Patients are vulnerable to loss of dignity due to their impaired health, which is further threatened by lack of privacy, and curt or authoritarian staff behavior.” (Baillie, 2008). The aims of the study were to investigate the meaning of the patient dignity, how patients’ dignity is threatened, and how patient’s dignity is promoted in an acute hospital setting. The problem was beyond doubt mentioned and was an appropriate researchable problem. The problem had implication for nursing and for the healthcare profession and capability to improve nursing practice and education. Nurses have a professional duty to respect patient’s dignity. “It is essential therefore that nurses understand the meaning of dignity and how the nurses can protect patient’s dignity, especially in the acute hospital settings.” (Baillie, 2008).

Purpose and Research

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