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Christopher Nelson Intermediate Accounting II Research Case 1 1. As of December 31, 2011, what amount, if any , of sales taxes due should be recognized in eVade’s financial statements? Assuming the financial statements for year ending 12/31/2011 have not been issued, an adjustment to sales tax liability can be recognized for the entire $25,000.000. As well, affected prior period statements will need to be re-stated. This is consistent with FASB codification ASC250-10-45-23 2. What effect, if any, does eVade’s decision to participate in the tax amnesty program have on the amount recognized as of March 31, 2012? According to ASC250-10-50-9 the participation in the tax amnesty program will cause a liability to be recorded in the current year statements and adjustments for prior periods. If comparative financial statements are issued, the prior year column will need to reflect the adjustment and a change in opening balance (retained earnings) for the current year. 3. What amounts should be recognized in the financial statements for the $25 million payment on June 15, 2012? The 2012 balance sheet will reflect a decrease (dr) in the Sales/Use Tax Payable account and a decrease (cr) in the Cash account. This is reflected in ASC250-10-50-8. 4. Would your answers to the the question 1, 2, and 3 change under IFRS? Explain your answer supported by the reference from IFRSs. Differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS with regard to errors are that GAAP indicates a generally stricter interpretation of how the error should be handled. Regarding question #1, GAAP states that all prior periods affected should be re- stated and balances rolled forward accordingly. IFRS allows in statement IAS 8, para 49 for the subjective evaluation of practicality with regard to how far back the

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