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Research Bias Essay

  • Submitted by: johnrose007
  • on September 9, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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In recent years, psychological researchers have been criticized for interpreting data in ways that promote liberal political views, disparage conservative views (Ray, 1989; Suedfeld & Tetlock, 1991; Tetlock, 1994; Tetlock & Mitchell, 1993), and ignore radical views (e.g. Fox, 1993). The psychological research literature has been criticized for being sexist (see Eagly, 1995; Gannon et al., 1992; Tavris, 1992), racist (see Yee et al., 1993), anti-Semitic (Greenwald & Schuh, 1994), homophobic (Herek et al., 1991), ageist (Schaie, 1988), anti-religious (e.g., Richards & Davidon, 1992), and biased toward a Western individualist world view (e.g., Sampson, 1989). Within the American Psychological Association, there have been spirited debates about the propriety of legislative and judicial advocacy by the organization and its members (Barrett & Morris, 1993; Fiske et al., 1991; Jarrett & Fairbank, 1987; Saks, 1990, 1993).
Sadly, there is no shortage of politicized research topics, where the motives of researchers and the interpretation of their findings are fiercely disputed (Alonso & Starr; 1987; Maier, 1991; Porter, 1995; Suedfeld & Tetlock, 1991). Some topics are matters of perpetual dispute; examples include research on the effects of gun control (Nisbet, 1990), the death penalty (Costanzo & White, 1994), pornography (Linz & Malamuth, 1993), and drug prohibition (MacCoun, 1993a; MacCoun, Reuter, & Schelling, 1996). And recent years have seen the emergence of new battlegrounds involving research on global warming (Gelbspan, 1997), HIV/AIDS (Epstein, 1996), the addictiveness of tobacco (Cummings, Sciandra, Gingrass, & Davis, 1991; Glantz, 1996), the biological basis of sexual orientation (LeVay, 1996), the effects of gay and lesbian service personnel on military cohesion (Herek, 1996; MacCoun, 1993b), and the validity of therapeutically elicited repressed memories (Pezdek & Banks, 1996), ethnic and racial stereotypes (Lee, Jussim, & McCauley, 1995), sexual assault...

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