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Research Assignment Essay

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A study and comparison of the perceived importance and performance of hotel facilities to both business and pleasure travellers
Customer satisfaction is crucial to corporate success and sustainability, and is critical to gaining competitive advantage across any business sector. Considerable research has been undertaken in recent years to examine customer/client satisfaction within the tourism and hospitality sectors. This study focuses on hotel facilities management and the degree of importance of existing hotel facilities, and level of satisfaction with them, to business and pleasure travellers. An exploratory study of such patrons has been conducted via questionnaire completion, to investigate their preferences and satisfaction, and any significant differences in the perceived importance and performance of facilities within a selected hotel. Using quantitative research methods and importance- performance analysis (IPA), participant’s rated responses have been analysed to identify difference between these types of travellers, with regard to the perceived importance or performance of each facility.
Quantitative Research, Importance-Performance Analysis, T-tests, Questionnaire, Performance and Importance Means, Standard Deviation
The recent global economic crisis has lead to increasing competition for the tourist dollar within the hotel industry, causing hotel management and marketing specialists to re-assess hotel facilities to ensure visitor satisfaction and loyalty. This paper presents the results of a social science research study by the Griffith University Hotel, of a review undertaken to identify the most and least important on-site attributes to both business and pleasure travellers at the City Hotel, and compare them to the most and least performing facilities. Performance perceptions, and degree of satisfaction, provide a basis for identification of any facility issues that may require management attention, to ensure...

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