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Georgia Southwestern State University School of Nursing NURS 4800 Assign #3 Learning Module Activities: Complete the following parts of Module 4 – Qualitative Research. Not to be submitted. • Learning Outcomes • Lesson 1. Using the following table, list the corresponding characteristics for each type of research. Each side should match up with an opposite statement. 32 points/ 2 points each |Quantitative |Qualitative | |Findings not generalizable |Findings generalizable | |Objective |Subjective | |Data analysis after data collection |Data analysis concurrent with data collection | |Numbers are data |Words are data | |Study guided by a priori theory or framework |Study may generate theory or findings are discussed in context of | | |theory | |Focuses on measurable variables |Focuses on meaning of life experiences | |Researcher strives to maintain objectivity & emotional distance from |Researcher actively engaged with participants in data collection | |participants | | |Focuses on groups

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