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BIOQ121 – Foundations of critical enquiry Assignment A – Research article retrieval 241963 Word count: 327 JOURNAL ARTICLE 1 CASE-CONTROL STUDY A case-control report is an observational strategy, in which the two groups differing in results are compared. Case-control studies are regularly used to classify aspects that may contribute to a medical disorder or illness. By relating patients who have that disorder (the cases) with patients who do not retain the condition but are similar (the controls). (Forgues 2012, p.270) In Journal Article 1 they completed a case-control report of milk drinking and the probability of gaining ovarian cancer. It has been hypothesized that drinking abundant amounts of milk escalates the risk of ovarian cancer because of the association of lactose and animal fats in the diet, in which both have been related to ovarian cancer risk. To explore this theory the researchers executed a case-control study of 606 nonmalignant-disease controls and 303 ovarian cancer patients. (Curtis J. Mettlin, 1990) JOURNAL ARTICILE 2 DOUBLE BLIND RANDOMISED CONTROL TRIAL Randomised control trials are reports where collections of people are randomly allocated to two groups to test a drug. One group (the trial group) takes the treatment being examined; the other (control group) attains no medication at all or a mock treatment (placebo). The groups are monitored to see how effective the treatment was. (J M Kendall, 2003) In Journal Article 2 a randomised control trial was conducted to research the safety and efficiency of a low carbohydrate regime against a low fat intake for weight loss on overweight teenagers. Subjects where randomly placed on one of the two diets for thirteen weeks and were closely monitored. (Nancy F. Krebs, 2010) JOURNAL ARTICLE 3 LITERATURE REVIEW A literature review is a comprehensive study of a piece of

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