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Research Process and Terminology CJA/334 April 22, 2013 Research Process and Terminology In this paper you will learn about process of research. Thousands of people a day research something whether it is on the internet, a library, or from books and magazines. Research can be done in two ways, properly and improperly within the criminal justice system, and knowing the language of researching is just one of the things that are needed to research properly. Researching is done to find new information that can be applied to a certain area, and in this case it would be the criminal justice system. Not knowing how to properly use the can affect a person in the criminal justice system. While knowing the terms can be an asset to people when evaluating and analyzing research studies or data. Research is a collection of information that a person is trying to gain information from also known as a collection of data. It is used all the time within the criminal justice system and outside of the criminal justice system. Research helps advance knowledge on things that are going on, such as crime rates, technology, training, and many other things. It is not bound to one certain thing, but it is used for many. Theory plays a role within research, and with the role of theory comes induction and deduction. “Deduction involves moving from a level of theory to a specific hypothesis, whereas induction entails inferring about a whole group on the basis of knowing about a case or a few cases” (Hagan, 2010, p. 18). Methodology is also a part of research in which is a collection of all the facts unlike theory methodology relies on only the facts and/or data that has been collected. Qualitative and quantitative are also a part of research, “in quantitative research, concepts are assigned numerical value, whereas in qualitative research, concepts are viewed as sensitizing ideas or
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