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Research Ethics Daisy Ante RES/351 April 28, 2015 Larry Oslund Research Ethics Which topic did you choose? 1951 Asch Experiment – conformity to group pressure Give a brief description of this topic. Salomon Asch did an experiment on conformity he had in card that had a vertical line in another card he had three vertical lines the person who was being experimented had to match the one line card and compare to the second one and match the lines. What the person who was being experimented did not know is that the other people who were in the room were in the experiment. Everyone choose a line that did not match the first card, so the person in the study goes along with the rest of the answers. When asked why they did not choose the obvious answer they said fear of ridicule apparently, people conform for two main reasons, because they want to fit in with the group and because they believe the group is better informed than they are. Unethical Research Was informed consent used? Asch’s participants didn’t provide fully informed consent, because they were misled about key aspects of the experimental procedures in addition, they were placed in a difficult and embarrassing position. Afterwards some of the participants reported they had found the experience quite stressful. Was there a need for deception, explain? There was a need for deception in Ash’s experimental the experimented it was a test on social pressure. Was there mental or physical abuse? There was deception but no physical or long lasting mental harm done. Were any of the subjects in one of the protective categories? There were no subjects under the protective category Explain the unethical research behavior involved (if any) per the Protection Of Human Subjects (2005) § 46.116 General requirements

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