Research and Ethical Considerations Essay

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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations LaRonda Joyner Grand Canyon University NRSV433- Introduction to Nursing Research August 23, 2015 One of the many nursing dilemmas is medication errors. As nurses continue to handle challenging patient loads with high acuity and troubling staff shortages, many medication errors are being discovered. I decided to choose this topic of interest because it is a challenge I face at my current employer. In the article, “ Nurses’ Experiences and Perspectives on Medication Safety Practices: An Explorative Qualitative Study”, Smeulers expands on the nurses take on why these medication errors are occurring and even includes some ethical dilemmas they face with the errors. The purpose of the research project was to create awareness and safety within the practice. In the study, twenty nurses were survey in a timed interview. The beginning interviews were more structured with questions. The latter interviews opened up to a free discussion of opinions and ideas regarding medication errors and why these practices were happening. The interviews were anonymous. The research was done as a qualitative study. All participants were Registered Nurses. They held positions ranging from floor nurses up to administrative positions i.e. “Nurse Directors.” This paper involved Ethnographic Research. Smeuler studied the nursing culture within or emic approach to understand the behaviors of the nurses. The study was performed at a hospital. The Hospital is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The researcher approached staff by email to request their presence in the study. They continued to email all staff until they ran out of staff to email that would participate in the interview. The data was collected via interviews. Originally, the researchers conducted somewhat rigid interviews that allowed open forum. The interviews took one to one and a
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