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Analysis of Research Report D. Mills Univ. of Phoenix HCS/438 Statistical Applications Fabian Licerio MBA/HCM, PMP September 19, 2011 Analysis of Research Report Turn on your television sometime this week and you will likely hear of a new study that has come out indicating that a specific product or lifestyle choice is either good or bad for you. Often times we listen and continue on with life as we know it. Other times, we may give merit to this announcement and make lifestyle changes accordingly. Rarely, do we question the validity of the study and seek out the data to truly make informed decisions regarding potential lifestyle changes. Many people believe, if it sounds significant, it must be valid. Here we will take a look at a study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), regarding the effect of chocolate on blood pressure in elderly individuals with isolated systolic hypertension. We will explore and discuss the statistical procedures that are mentioned in the study and take a look at the conclusions. Lastly, we establish whether or not the findings are statistically significant. Research Study The study explores whether chocolate may have beneficial cardiovascular effects, due to cocoa polyphenols.1 Currently, the experiments in animals suggest that plant polyphenols decrease blood pressure (BP); however, evidence from human clinical trials is lacking (Taubert, Berkels, Roesen, & Klaus, 2003). The study examined whether dark chocolate (polyphenol-rich chocolate [PRC]) can lower BP in individuals with mild isolated hypertension. Statistical Procedures This case study was done on 13 individuals (gender - 6 men and 7 women) over the course of 21 days. The methods or procedures used included using the central tendency - mean, or average, of systolic BP of 153.2 with a [SD] of 3.9 as well as the mean diastolic

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