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DESIGN MANAGEMENT RESEARCH ANALYSIS Negotiation From my research I have found that you need to be adequately prepared. You need to know what exactly it is you want to negotiate. You have to have goals or objectives. For example to negotiate a salary increase. You have to consider many factors that will affect the negotiation such as what your negotiation involves (money, time, sales, conditions, discounts, terms, etc). You also need to know how far you are willing to go or how far you are willing to be pushed in order to settle an agreement. You need to know this so that you do not exceed your limits. You need to know what your opposition would like to achieve by the negotiation, you need to understand what they want because it might help you to reach the final agreement. Consider what is more valuable, not just costs. This is important as a designer because if I am negotiating costs or price for my work I have to be careful not to lose something as valuable as a good client and my company’s reputation. When one invites a client over for negotiation you have to be open about the reason for the invitation so that they do not feel ambushed but at the same time don’t tell them everything that you intend to say so that they don’t come armed with full rebuttals. According to Bizhelp 24 When negotiating its imperative to remember that it’s not war nor is it a fight, its business.” So I should not forget my professionalism and there is no need to be overly aggressive about things. I always have to remember to keep the negotiation in my control, within my price range in relation to my production costs, labor, delivery and my profit margin. The best kind of negotiation seems to me to be a Win-Win Negotiation, which is basically a fair compromise. It may be hard to come by in many situations but it is the best because it insures that everyone goes home happy or

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