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Research Essay

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  • on March 13, 2011
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10th Grade Honors English – World Literature

UNIT 1: Differing World Views: Tradition/Culture

A. Short Stories:
-“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Columbia) p.223 (6 pp.)
-“Life is Sweet at Kumansenu” by Abioseh Nicol (West Africa) p. 147 (5 pp.)
- “The First Seven Years” (Jewish) by Bernard Malamud p. 120 (6 pp.)
- “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov (Russia) p. 210 (6 pp.)

B. Didactic Literature:
- Didactic Literature: Teaching Lessons p. 924 (1 p.)
- “To Everything There Is a Season” Old Testament p. 912 (1 p.)
- “The Parable of the Prodigal Son” New Testament p. 916 (2 pp.)
-From The Koran p. 925 (1 p.)
- from Sayings of Saadi p. 927 (1 p.)
-Taoist Anecdotes/from the Tao Te Ching p. 932 (3 pp.)
- “The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackel” from the Panchatantra p. 941 (2 pp.)
- Zen Parables p. 938 (1 p.)

-article about Magical Realism; contrast Realism and Magical realism
-“The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
-Short story by Leslie Silko (Native American author)
-excerpts from John S. Mbiti, Intro to African Religion
-articles on various types of exploitation in world news
-Prodigal poems pp. 919-920
-Literature and Philosophy: Confucianism and Taoism pp. 934-935

Unit Essential Question:   What does literature teach us about different world views on life? How do we learn about a culture’s religion, traditions, and values through literature?

What is generational conflict?
How can tradition and love conflict?
Why are personal ethics important?
How and why is Man a “social” animal?
What is the purpose and importance of myth and religion in a culture?
What are some of the similarities among world religions/cultures?
What are some of the differences among world religions/cultures?
What is theme?
How does an author use tone to create style and mood?
What is the definition and purpose of didactic literature?
What is an analogy and how is it...

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