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BASICS OF RESEARCH -II Course Code: BJMRM 20401 Credit Units: 03 Course Objective: This course will teach students about quantitative research where they will learn about methods of collection and analysis of data and they will also learn about the structured way of writing for research. It will enhance their abilities and understanding and as a result they will undertake a full-fledged research project. Course Contents: Module I: Data Collection Type of research design: experimental, non-experimental, and quasi-experimental Introduction to hypothesis testing – meaning & characteristics, types of hypothesis, procedure & limitations of hypothesis testing Type of variables: independent, dependent and controlled Data collection: The process of measurement, measuring techniques, levels and problems of measurement, psychometric features of an instrument (reliability and validity), developing a survey questionnaire, secondary analysis, and basic ideas involved in sampling and concise introduction to various sampling strategies Tools: questionnaires, surveys, & schedules Questionnaire: structured/ detailed, unstructured/open ended, & pictorial Module II: Data Analysis Measurement in Research Measurement Scales: nominal, ordinal, interval & ratio scale Important scaling techniques: rating scales, arbitrary scales, differential scales (Turnstone-type-scales), summated (Likert Scale), cumulative scales Sources of error in measurement & scaling & meaning of scaling Mathematical tools: mean, median, mode, & correlation Measures of central tendency, & measures of dispersion Module III: Data Presentation Types of writers Stages of writing: first draft, second draft, final draft and proof-reading Difference between proposal,

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