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BASIC RESEACRH * INTRODUCTION OF CELLPHONES 1. When cell phones were first introduced, cognitive scientists began to worry about whether their use while driving could lead to increased numbers of automobile accidents. The worry was not because drivers would take one hand off the wheel when using the phone, but because of the attention requirements of talking on the phone. These predictions were derived from basic theories on limited attention capacities. 2. Microsoft Company has basic research sites in Redmond, Washington, Tokoyo, Japan these research sites work on fundamental problems that underlie the design of future products. For example a group at Redmond is working natural language recognition soft wares, while another works on artificial intelligence. These research centres don’t produce new products rather they produce the technology that is used to enhance existing products or help new products. The product are produced by dedicates product groups. Customization of the products to match the needs of local markets is sometimes carried out at local subsidiaries. Thus, the Chinese subsidiary in Singapore will do basic customizations of programs such as MS office adding Chinese characters and customizing the interface. APPLIED RESEARCH * INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICE COMPANY Offering customers products and services for ‘connected life and work’ Project: 1. Research focused on the organisation’s tendency to appoint ‘safe’ senior executives, rather than those who were able to drive change through the business, and enable a culture of calculated business risk and growth. This research led to a programme that created different and improved relationships with executive search agencies, established a positive shift in the interaction between the business and all applicants, and became part of

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