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"Researchers often are asked to respond to “problems” that managers needed to solve. Applied research has a practical problem-solving emphasis. Whether the problem is negative, like rectifying an inventory system that is resulting in lost sales, or an opportunity to increase stockholder wealth through acquiring another firm, problem solving is prevalent. The problem-solving nature of applied research means it is conducted to reveal answers to specific questions related to action, performance, or policy needs. Pure research or basic research is also problem-solving based, but in a different sense. It aims to solve perplexing questions or obtain new knowledge of an experimental or theoretical nature that has little direct or immediate impact on action, performance, or policy decisions. Basic research in the business arena might involve a researcher who is studying the results of the use of coupons versus rebates as demand stimulation tactics, but not in a specific instance or in relation to a specific client’s product. In another pure research scenario, research- ers might study the influence on productivity of compensation systems that pay by piece-work versus salary-plus-bonus structures. Thus, both applied and pure research are problem-solving based, but ap- plied research is directed much more to making immediate managerial decisions. In answer to the question posed at the beginning of this section, Is research always problem-solving based? the answer is yes. Whether the typology is applied or pure, simple or complex, all research should provide an answer to some question. If managers always knew what was causing problems or offering opportunities in their realm of responsibility, there would be little need for applied research or basic research; intuition would be all that was necessary to make quality decisions." (Adv. Stat. & Research Methods) Adv. Stat.

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