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1. What types of research questions are suitable for investigation using qualitative field research techniques? 2. What are the data collection techniques that are combined in qualitative field research? 3. Which of these did Laud Humphreys use in the Tearoom Trade study and how did he use them? 4. What challenges would he have faced if he tried to use overt observation techniques instead of covert and how might he have overcome them? 5. If you were interested in studying the use of marijuana on campus at UWI, Mona using field research, which techniques would you use and how would you implement them (you will need to pose your own research question)? 6. For the following research questions suggest the field research techniques that you would use for investigation and suggest how you would implement them a. What are the challenges faced by adolescents in obtaining condoms? b. How do disabled, elderly persons cope with the challenges they face daily c. What are the experiences of blind university students d. How are academically high-achieving students from the inner-city communities different from other inner-city children? 7. What are the key differences between interviewing in qualitative research and interviewing in quantitative research? 8. What are focus group discussions? How are they different from and similar to other interviewing techniques? 9. What is the role of the focus group moderator? 10. What model of the research process is most often applicable to qualitative research? At what point in the process are the data structured? Field Research Field research is a form of social inquiry into real-life situations. Field research takes place in the ‘hymn’ that is, in a natural setting, a setting that is not established for the purpose of conducting research. Field research has the purpose of exploring real life

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