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Contents Page: Introduction Page 2 Literature search Page 2 Main Body and Conclusion Pages 2-9 Reference List Pages 10-11 Appendix Page 12 Introduction This is a literature review of the current literature available based on dignity in palliative care. Around 500,000 people die each year in England, nearly two thirds of those people are over the age of 75. Of these deaths, 58% of people die in NHS hospitals (Department of Health, 2008). This review will therefore look at whether or not dignity is being maintained during the end of life process for over half of the deaths in England each year in the hospital setting. In current media, there are a number of issues in relation to dignity and palliative care. The main focus is on the Liverpool Care Pathway, an integrated care pathway approved by the Department of Health in order to make those dying more comfortable. The issues raised are that relatives are not being made aware that their loved ones are being put on the pathway and whether the pathway is actually beneficial to patients or whether the NHS are inspired by the financial incentives received by putting patients on the plan (BBC,2013). This review will therefore consider these aspects. The review will look at the views of staff, patients and their relatives with regards to dignity, what dignity means to them, whether or not they feel dignified and why. It will also look at the training and resources available as well as the policies in place to promote staff to carry out dignified practice. It will look at whether or not the policies in place are effective and whether the training and resources are useful. The literature review will consider the need for the constant raising of awareness in order for dignity to ever improve in practice. This review will also look at nursing research, research terms, data

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