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The structure of the 1908 newspaper is not the only main difference compared to the newspapers written today. By looking at the 1908 copy of the British Colonist you notice that many of the political, economic and cultural topics they portray are significantly different than any we would currently see. The way the British Colonist shows the world in 1908 explains how differently people back then approached similar problems that we currently face. The reflection of Canada and the world the paper during that time depicts is different in a lot of aspects. How they solved political problems, the way the money and taxes were used, and the way they viewed minorities is just some of the main differences found in most copies of that year’s newspapers. The political articles in the 1908 copy of the British Colonist paper show a significant difference in how our province and country was ran then. The way the government solved any problem or issue the province had was to rally. The result of the rally and the number of people that voted for what, would then be the outcome of the political problem they had. Despite the fact that we still currently have rallies, we would not use a political rally to solve our current governmental issues. The British Colonist in 1908 was a very pro Conservative written paper. This meant that the articles people were reading were only the opinions of the conservatives which caused all the readers to have a one sided view and opinion of the stories. The paper printed ads about when the Conservatives were having specific meetings, as well as their campaign plans and ideas, which are things that are now a days kept extremely private. The paper also had ads that bashed the liberal parties, especially the current Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier. Due to the bias writing in the British Colonist men were highly influenced into voting for the

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