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HW Advantages and Disadvantages of doing primary Research Research can be defined as the systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observation that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, or theories, resulting in prediction and possibly ultimate control of events. Research is important to Sociologist because in order to treat Sociology as a discipline society has to be studied. Sociologist use empirical data obtained from research so that they can prove concepts and theories and test hypotheses in order to figure out society and societal behaviours. There are different groups of Sociologist who use different methods of research, the Positivist use the quantitative method of research while the Interpretivists use the qualitative method of research. In each method they would use certain instruments to collect data. Positivists use primary data which is data observed or collected directly from first-hand experience or by the sociologists’ original research. These instruments include questionnaires and formal interviews. The Interpretivists also use primary data however, they use instruments in the form of observations, participant observations and informal interviews. Through the use of these instruments they hope to collect a large amount of information which would be useful to not only themselves but other Sociologist. There are many advantages of primary data, three such advantages are, firstly, the information being used is generated particularly for its purpose. This means that the information obtained from the research done can be used for the specific purpose of the researcher and not information that is not needed by the researcher. An Example of this would be the case study method done by Cathleen Gough who went to the south of India and studied the Nayar people where she discovered that they had a very unusual

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