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Why are you interested in entering this field? Working in medical field can change lives; moreover it can save lives and bring the most satisfaction to someone’s life. Love to medicine made me to start over in the new country and to pursue a new carrier in medical field. At the second year of medical school I started working part time at intensive care unit as a nurse assistant, after 1 year I was promoted to registered nurse. It wasn’t easy to combine my medical school and work, but my love to see how my patients improve their quality of life after my duties made my desire to become a doctor even stronger. Being an intensive care nurse gave me sense of knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s health conditions. As a medical doctor I like helping people to manage their disease and improve their quality of life. What are your expectations of I expect to become an expert in areas relating to heart and lung disorders and treatments, I am especially interested in helping patients with lung cancer and minimally invasive treatments of early stage lung cancer. My experiences that I received working in intensive care and then as a resident in N.N Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center will help me in reaching my goal to be successful respiratory therapist. What factors and experiences indicate that you will be successful in this program? I can critically think in stressful times, I am hard working person, determined, willing and wanting to learn. My clinical skills and knowledge will contribute greatly to the respiratory therapy program. If you are already certified or licensed why do you wish to continue your education? I am a new immigrant to this country, I still try to adjust to a new lifestyle and find my path. I made my choice to work in medicine a long time ago and I started my carrier from the bottom. I don’t see myself in any other area and I

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