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Essay on research methods When creating radio documentaries first of all a topic which can be discussed at length and is rather controversial in society is chosen. Then of course before the actual production of the radio documentary the pre-production is carried out. In the pre-production of any radio documentary research is conducted. The process of pre-production can be time consuming. This is because it takes time to find and source good pieces of reliable information of the topic chosen. There are various ways in which to carry out research whether it is collating primary or secondary data or carrying out field or laboratory experiments. All this research is then pieced together. This research is vital as it is crucial to know the topic chosen so it can be discussed well in order to create a documentary that engages with its viewers and so is successful. The process of pre-production gives the means to carry out the actual production of the radio documentary. This is because then the knowledge on the topic is known and so can be discussed. As well as this of course various professionals connected to the topic chosen are contacted to interview etc. In this essay I will discuss the various ways in which research is carried out. There are numerous ways of research methods which can do done. The research method taken depends on the type of information the researcher is looking for. There are two different ways of researching both way contribute to some sort of hypothesis which is being conducted to find something out. The two ways of research are called laboratory and field research. Research over the years is a much more easier process as now information is available via the internet this has made it find research as well as it has also made is easier for user to share information though them websites. Field research is when the research is conducted in an open

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