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English 216 February 25, 2013 “Rape of the Lock” In 1711 Baron cut a piece of hair out of Belinda’s Head. Baron and Belinda were in a relationship. Belinda got mad with Baron and his family. Both families got in a feud. A man named Pope was friends with both families. He decided to write a poem about the feud the families were having. Baron wrote a poem about the feud. He hopes both families would see that the feud they had were nonsense. He wrote the poem. Both families stopped arguing. Belinda and Baron didn’t get married. Belinda lost her lock of hair. She was very upset. Being beautiful is very shattering. Women during that time were supposed to look beautiful. Being beautiful was very important. Baron really loves Belinda’s locks of hair. He plans on stealing a lock of hair. He plans to put together a table. He put all the awards on the table. Then he started a fire and the awards on the table went up in flames. Then he prayed to soon have a lock of Belinda’s hair. The sylph was supposed to protect Belinda from a lot of things. For example the spirits were supposed to protect Belinda if she loses her necklace. Baron still was trying to get a lock of her hair. He even purchase some scissors so he can try to cut a lock of Belinda’s hair. The spirits stop the Baron from succeeding by letting Belinda’s hair move with the gust of air. Belinda’s diamonds in her ear also glisten when the wind blew. By the breeze blowing Belinda move her head; by her moving her head that stop Baron from cutting her lock of hair. Baron redid the same thing again until he cut Belinda’s lock of hair. When she notices that her hairs have been cut she was in a rage. A lot of people were saddened because Belinda were upset over her lock of hair were stolen. The Baron would not give her lock of hair back to her. Belinda and Baron got into an argument about her lock of hair. He will

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