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INTRODUCTION Problem studied In our research we are studying the problem related to heart diseases in Pakistan i.e. “Why the heart diseases are increasing in Pakistan” Background information Being students we want to conduct basic research based on our personal interests and willingness, we don’t have to implement it anywhere for solving problem as in applied research. We would like to find out why heart diseases are increasing in Pakistan. It is a research totally done to enhance the understanding of a certain problem (increase heart diseases) that commonly occurs and seek methods of solving it. Maybe our research will be beneficial and contribute in true and helpful researches and we might be able to get better solution solving this problem. Research goals * To conduct survey from 50 individuals who can help in our research * To make the people aware of the factors which causes heart diseases. * To control that factors which actually enhance the rate of heart problems. * To decrease the rate of heart disease in our beloved country Pakistan. PRELIMINARY DETAILS Unstructured interviews:- In an unstructured interview we asked 100 individuals to give their opinions and reasons by asking them face to face questions like asking for their personal information i.e. name and then why are heart diseases increasing in Pakistan. The names of these 100 individuals are given under the heading of tables Variables: The following are the variables we gathered from unstructured interview and on the basis of these variables we will further continue our research: 1. Smoking 2. Hypertension 3. Depression 4. Age factor 5. High Cholesterol Level 6. Junk food 7. Rheumatic fever 8. Diabetes 9. Physical inactivity 10. Gender 11. Heredity 12. Birth control pills

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