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CONTENTS 1) Planning 2) Literature Review 3) Problem 4) Hypothesis 5) Planning 6) Sampling 7) Methods of Data Collection 8) Analysis 9) Sources and ethics PLANNING ■ Describe differences in the nature of participants in different types of research. ■ Differentiate between basic (theoretical) research and applied research . ■ Identify advantages and disadvantages of laboratory versus field research. ■ Identify and describe the major research approaches. ■ Generate examples of research using the major research approaches. ■ Differentiate between populations and samples. ■ Describe the issues associated with determining how many participants to include in a study. ■ Identify why research with animals can help understand human behaviour. LITERATURE REVIEW Literature review os an overview of published journal articles, books, and other professional work on a given topic. When we talk about literature in everyday language, we generally hear about writers like Alice Walker, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens, and others in the pantheon of writing. People presume that any work penned by these authors is worthwhile. On the other hand, people may minimize the importance of other writers, like the horror novelist Stephen King. The enormous success of his popular and compelling work tells us that many people enjoy it. So why is his work not “literature”? In reality, it all depends on your definition of “good writing.” Among researchers, the term “literature” refers to the body of work that is considered to be of high enough quality to appear in technical journals. PURPOSE OF THE REVIEW In order to find out what has been done in an area that interests you, you should conduct a literature review. When researchers prepare a literature review for a journal article or for a conference

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