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Fall 16 Fall 16 [Type the company address] [Type the company address] Pet Timeless Photography Studio Ashley Senwasane Business Plan Pet Timeless Photography Studio Ashley Senwasane Business Plan 08 Fall 08 Fall Executive Summary Venture Description Leading to today’s societies, the roles of pets have changed drastically over time. Today, pets are treated like family members and their owners spend a lot of money on them each year. This shows there has been an increase in importance and the love for family pets has opened the need for photography. At Pet Timeless Photo Studios my business venture is in pet photography. PTP Studios provides authentic photographs taken of families and their pets. There are no exceptions as to how wild the animals are, as the company’s competitive advantage is trained professionals. The trainers are what make the company unique and stand out against other competitors. PTP Studios targets middle-to upper-middle class families, couples, and individuals, as these groups have a median income of $40 000. As well, targeting white-collar professionals, between ages 25 to 65 who have at least one pet in the household. Location: Square One Shopping Centre 100 City Centre Drive Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9 Venture Organization Pet Timeless is a partnership between two people because it is easier to combine assets of partners and the debts are shared. As well, the money is easier to borrow. Both partners are experienced, educated and generally share the same characteristics, such as creative, innovators and achievement orientated. We support each other and professionally work well together. Venture Market There are hundreds of small, individually owned studios. Pet photography is a new but very successful niche market which is experiencing rapid

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