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RES/351 Negussie Nega, M.A., DM 11/25/2013 Denise Rodriguez Business research is a process consists of planning, analyzing, and information to assist in making decisions. As an office manager I need to be evaluating the work flow process of the office, making sure not only does it run smoothly but also efficiently. As in most companies we had a manual filing system, we printed the invoices attached all backup paperwork and file in a manila folder for that customer. As we grew and technology advances the CEO wanted a more efficient way to maintain customer's files. We are growing and also moving to custom built office and warehouse location. I did some research and found paperless was becoming popular and several companies were going paperless, so I researched what was the process of going paperless. I found it had a separate server and was Internet based. I also researched companies best known for setting up this type of system. After reviewing a few proposals, we went with a company to start the process. We saved on a file cabinets, purchasing files, printing labels, saved space, and most important time in filing. The company saved a large amount of money just by eliminating manually filing. With good research and comparing the benefits along with savings made good business sense. Although, the company added an expense for five years, looking in the long-term the company saved. These savings we can see even more today with tremendous growth not only with employees, but also with customer's as well. By going paperless was the start of other systematic change such as with statements, we broadcast them via e-mail instead of printing, mailing, or faxing, which was very time consuming. I also investigated e-invoicing, instead of mailing invoices an invoice gets automatically invoiced once shipped and sent via e-mail to the customer. Research has

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