Res 342 Week 3 Quiz

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Week Three Quiz In classical hypothesis testing, the test statistic is to the critical value what the ____________________________________. A. p-value is to alpha. B. critical value is to alpha. C. test statistic is to the p-value. D. level of significance is to the test statistic. You performed a right tailed hypothesis test and your sample gave you a test statistic in the left tail. Which of the following is considered the appropriate next step in this hypothesis test? A. Fail to reject the null. B. Change the direction of the hypotheses. C. Change the level of significance of your test. D. Change the sample and do the test again. For a two-tailed test, we split the α risk and put α/2 in each tail. A. True B. False The F test assumes that the sampled populations are not normal. A. True B. False The F test for equality of two variances tests whether the ratio of the sample variances differ significantly from 1. A. True B. False The p-value of .05 indicates that if Ho were true, a sample result as extreme as the one calculated would happen by chance approximately 5 times out of 1000. A. True B. False For dependent samples, we assume the distribution of the paired differences between the populations has a mean greater than 0. A. True B. False For independent populations, the standard deviation of the distribution of the differences has a variance equal to the sum of the two individual variances. A. True B. False To ensure that two independent samples are large enough that the distribution of the sample means follow a normal distribution, the practice is to require that both samples have at least 30 observations. A. True B. False When comparing two
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