Res/341 Research Simulation Essay

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To: Stakeholders From: Date: July 22, 2012 Subject: Probability Distribution The decisions I made for the third cycle of simulation was to upgrade the Poising Machine, buy Customized Movement Holders, and upgrade Timing machine. While making my decision, I reviewed the stakeholder’s opinions on what would help increase sales as well as reading over each machinery description. With the stakeholder’s suggestions and the descriptions is how I can up with my decision to purchase these tools or upgrades. I chose to upgrade the Poising Machine because this machine is used to poise the balance wheel. Poising is important because it determines the accuracy of the movement in various positions. The movement in watches is very important and has to work properly for the watch to function properly. I chose to buy Customized Movement Holders because the holders hold the base plate and keep it flat and secure while the rest of the movement is assembled onto it. The manufacturers customize holders for each caliber. The base plate fits into the holder fully and can be inverted for work to be carried out on the dial side securely. Any errors in the movement assembly will cause the watch to not function properly and they will have to recalibrate the movements. I chose to upgrade Timing Machine because this is a very important and an indispensable tool for watchmakers. The Timing Machine helps test the movement’s performance. This is the diagnostic tool used while assembling the movement. It is also used as a final time regulation tool. The latest computerized machine give the daily rate, the beat error, and the amplitude on an LCD screen. I did take the advice from some of the stakeholders. Jean Dubois, VP, Mechanical Watches Division stated that they needed to upgrade the poising machines to help the watches pass the testing of the movement in different positions. He
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