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Who Required To Determine Curriculum For Youth Essay

  • Submitted by: ccskyan
  • on March 13, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Who Required To Determine Curriculum For Youth" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As we all know that youths have crucial impact on the nation's destiny.how to bring them up is so significant that may affect the pace of a nation's development ,or even may prevent the nation from currupting.so youths' earlier education,a serious task,only the nation not the individual areas can take.in order to guarantee children learning those basic skills such as study abilitiy,aspects of looking things,ways of thinking,logic,marol standards and so forth,the nation chooses the same curriculum for them and put it into force by law that every child under an obligation should take the same curriculum in a nine-year period only charging expenses of the textbooks after they enter school.however,it does not mean all the youths are brought up by the same die.they can also choose what interests them since their pressure is obviously not high.
beside from the foregoing one reason,with the same curriculum,it is convinient not only for educationist of different parts of the nation to scientifically arrange and prepare the classes of the curriculum but also for revolutions of education with no halt.nothing exists eternally.in order to keep the soar pace of the society,educationist must arrange the same curriculum for the youths to gather vital information,take proper tactics for education and make it advance healthily.
moreover,thinking of the possible difference, it is unwise to allow schools rather than a nation to choose the courses for students.if allowed various areas to offer courses for students,it may lead youths' education with no just in some special parts.
however,when the youths enter college for further study,various curriculums are waiting for them.they are enabled to chose courses and subjects which sound appealing.even those who are not in favor of learning or have no chance in touching high school,turning to search job,those capabilities their earlier age had been taugh are enough for them to seek a job to survive or to learn in other ways.

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