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Required Civil Service Essay

  • Submitted by: kieransingh
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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To Strengthen Our Country
Right now, our country is not doing as well as it could be. Politicians bicker back and forth and accomplish nothing. Many government programs are inefficient and haven’t been modified in years. A progressive country should always be changing and reforming to improve society. If we want to make the government better for the well-being of us all, it is the people’s obligation to be a part of that solution. It must start with the citizen; it must start with a base of true knowledge, knowledge that, young people could gain through civil service. Required civil service has not been seriously considered since the late nineteenth century. However, it is still debated whether it would be beneficial or not. If the U.S required civil service, it would strengthen our country and educate our citizens. Some form of public service should be required for every able bodied citizen.
A common concept of required public service is that upon high school graduation, every physically and mentally able girl and boy should enlist in a civil service program. Each person would spend a minimum of two years in the program. Aptitude tests could be given in order to determine what the individual will excel in, so that the jobs offered are more tailored to that individual. Contrary to popular belief, civil service is not limited to the military. Perhaps a youth is interested in biology and botany. He or she could work in city beautification or wildlife management projects. Such as, planting trees and flowers alongside highways, or tracking the number of animals in a county park. These projects would benefit both the girl and the community.  
Every day moreover, many people get up and enjoy the same monotonous routine of the day before, knowing little about the processes around them outside of their own small spheres of activity. People know even less about what is going on in the state next to them. Civil service can broaden the views of the general public by...

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