Reputation In The Crucible

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Echo Wood 10/11/13 Reputation There are many distinct themes found within The Crucible. The most dominant one being, in my opinion, reputation. Reputation plays a big role in the town of Salem because publix and private moralities are one and the same. There is a constant fear of guilt by association becomes prominent. The people of Salem are constantly focused on maintaining public reputation and the thought that your friends sins could disgrace their own names was a concern by many. This theme is shown by various character throughout the play. Parris is a great example of, in the beginning of the play he had a fear that Abigail’s questionable actions and the slight hint of witchcraft that was related to his daughters coma. This in itself would destroy his reputation and jeopardize his spot as pulpit. He believes that power and reputation is the most important thing as not only a Reverend but also a member of the community. For example on page 30 Parris yells, “I want a mark of confidence, is all! I am your third preader in seven…show more content…
After his affair with teenager Abigail he became terrified about ruining his reputation. Earlier on in the play, he has an opportunity to stop the girls of being accused of witchcraft. But, he wanted to save his reputation instead from testifying against Abigail. He is continuously choosing to save his reputation over everything else. This although advances to him making a very courageous mover later. He choose to not give into a faulty confession that leads to his death. When Proctor say “ I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” in Act IV is shows that by Proctor not giving up or surrendering his name and reputation is saved. His earlier failures and faults are avenged when he dies with integrity. His name means so much to him he is willing to die to keep it untouched and be remembered as a good guy and not as someone who saw the devil and is a
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