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Reproductive Notes Chapter 28 * Describe the location, structure, and functions of the organs of the male reproductive system. -Scrotum: bag-like structure that holds the testes, the location helps regulate body temperature of the testes by the dartos and cremaster muscle contracting and relaxing…testes are suspended outside the pelvic cavity within the scrotum, have a lower temperature -Testes: oval glands within the scrotum, divided into small internal compartments “lobules”, in each lobule is a seminiferous tubule where sperm is produced by spermatogenesis, between these tubules are clusters of interstitial cells that secrete testosterone (main male sex hormone) which promotes sex drive, pressure from sertoli “nurse” cells pushes sperm out into straight tubules which lead into a network of ducts called rete testis from there goes into efferent ducts, epididymis then finally the ductus of the epididymis….main functionto produce sex cells & secrete sex hormones -Epididymis: comma-shaped organ that lies along posterior border of testis, consists of tightly coiled ductus epididymis….the place where sperm matures, occurs over a period of 14 days, it helps propel sperm into the vas deferens during sexual arousal, it stores sperm -Vas Deferens: main sperm duct, passes into pelvic cavity from the testis through inguinal canal, about 18 in long, has an enlarged portion “the ampula”….conveys sperm during sexual arousal and can store sperm for several months….main method of male sterilization “vasectomy” (vas deferens is cut and tied) -Spermatic Cord: holds vas deferens, testicular artery/nerves/veins/vessels, and the cremaster muscle -Urethra: shared duct for the reproductive and urinary systems in males, subdivided into three partsprostatic urethra, membranous urethra, and spongy urethra -Accessory Sex Glands: 1. Seminal Vesicles- paired glands at

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