Reproductive Cloning Essay

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REPRODUCTIVE CLONING: SHOULD IT BE ALOUD IN HUMANS? FOR: Some say that cloning would be hugely beneficial in humans. An example would be organs, there would be nearly no trouble to do with organ transplants leading to healthier people and taking a lot of strain of people because they are not waiting for months so someone will die to then steal their organs. Christians say that god has a plan that we have to develop; some may say that this is the next step to the plan because if it did become successful then it would become hugely beneficial to all. Also if you think about it, they could have cloned Gandhi in 1948, his twin brother would be 64 years of age at this time and the possibilities are endless. AGAINST: The reasons against cloning are mostly ethnical as Christians saw many things in cloning that either the bible or god would disapprove of. Both religious groups and scientists agree when it come to technical issues, cloning would have to include women donating hundreds of eggs, surrogate pregnancies with high rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and the possibility of premature ageing in children ( dolly the sheep also died from this). Another key argument is who would be the father if there was one? Christians believe that life begins at the moment of conception, where is the sexual act in cloning? Roman Catholics are against cloning massively regarding the sanctity of life as it separates the procreation of children from the sexual act. Really you are just killing a large number of fertilised eggs to see if it eventually works; no guarantee and Roman Catholics say that neither humans nor animals should be tested on. When people think clone they think that it will mean everything will be the same. People forget about environmental factors. There environment may make their characteristics different, they might suddenly have a violent side to them and

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