Representing Reality Essay

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Curtin university sarawak malaysia | | Representing Reality | Presentation Essay | | Cheryl Supang Padan (7E4A3222) | 5/16/2014 | Unit Coordinator: Mr. Peter Jamba An essay on representing reality after our presentation on this topic. This essay contents topics on the roles of media and homosexuals. | Table of Contents What is reality? 2 The Media roles of representing reality 2 Non-Fiction shows 2 Fiction shows 3 Representation of Homosexual 4 Lesbians 4 Gays 4 Conclusion 5 References 6 Presentation Essay on Representing Reality What is reality? Different individuals have a unique version of their own reality. They depend on the external materialistic experience they went through or they have seen and touch to be able to acknowledge something as real. In earlier times, when planes were first invented by the westerners and people from rural areas are not yet exposed to such technology, the people from the rural areas would represent the plane as a “God” in the sky because they are not exposed to the knowledge of an aeroplane. Therefore, to them it becomes their reality. So let’s say I throw a question. How is something made real to someone? It is through the representation of the “thing” itself. Therefore, isn’t representation itself the reality because it gives meaning to something. Take for example Smartphones; If people would to label smartphones with the name projector then people will definitely acknowledge smartphones as projectors. Our reality is based on what we construct reality is to try best understand the partially understandable external world and the mental construct that gives meaning to it. The Media roles of representing reality Media uses pictures, words, icon, etc. that “alternate” a structure of the “real world.” The truth or the validity of the representation is reviewed according to the “reflection” of the real thing
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