Representative Democracy Essay

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Representative democracy representative democracy is the "normal" model in modern states. It means that the people elect , and sometimes appoint, individuals to act on their behalf, to be their political representatives. In Uk Representative democracy is when most decisions are made by representatives rather then just by direct democracy. Examples of the Uk's Representative democracy are Free regular elections ,all adults can vote or stand for office however it's arguable whether Uk elections to Westminster are' fair' , given the fptp electional system that distorts party representation. Further more there are elected representative assemblirs at every level - National , so The UK Perlaiment's House of Commons , regional the Skottish Parlaiment and Welsh and Notheren Ierland assemblies and local councils .Also all parties are free to operate and represent various opinions as well as political associations and pressure groups are free to operate and campaign and have access to government . The Strenghts of Representative democracy is that is helps to avoid the "tyranny of majority" as Representatives can mediate between the interests of different sections of society . Elected or appointed representatives may heve superior experience and judgments to the general population as they had special abilities in area , as well as Representatives are more likely to make rational judgments to the population , because people may be swayed by emotion and take bad decision ,also there are to many wues and opinions which makes harder to take right decisions , while in representative democracy the decisions can be taken faster. The People cannot be continuously involved in politics and so can delegate their political power to representatives , However there are many political association and pressure groups which operate freely and represent various causes
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