Representation of Women in the Media Essay

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Media Representation – Women in Media Media is known to represent and reinforce common ideology of contemporary culture. While the representations of women in the media have changed greatly in the last 20 years alone, they still sometime use older sexist representation. Advertising still shows outdated gender stereotypes with women depicted washing, cleaning and looking after children. Advertising is probably one of the most important and influential product of media. Studies show that people are exposed to an average of 3000 advertisements daily – at gas stations, washroom stalls, movie theatres and public transports. For the amount of advertisement an average person is exposed to per day, it is no wonder that it will have some kind of effect on those who see it. An advertisement for a Sean John perfume for the scent ‘Unforgivable Woman’ depicts a picture of a man and a woman in work wear leaning against a wall. In this image, the woman is in a submissive position and leaning away from the man, while the man seems to be in control and partially locking her neck with one arm, trapping her in between him and the wall. Paired with the text ‘Unforgivable Woman’, the ad emphasizes the patriarchal, male-dominated ideals. But why is she unforgivable? Is it because she is desired, or is he actually the unforgivable one for seemingly appearing to be forcing himself upon her? The quote ‘Life without passion is unforgivable’ suggests that passion must mean male domination and that it is unforgivable to not give in to male sexual advances. Another advertisement is for the brand name ‘Dolce and Gabbana’. In this advertisement, a woman is seen lying on the ground while a group of men is standing around her. One of these men is leaning above her while holding her wrists down and the three other men look on with attention. Two of the men are topless while the other two are

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